Nov. 20th, 2005

susan: (clean house dream)
So, I woke up this morning, and my hands were really super itchy. I put some lotion on them, but they itched some more, so I washed them and dried them and now they are still itchy. If this keeps up, I will make a doctor appointment sometime soon (that should be easy the week of thanksgiving, right?)

I bought a Christmas present! Well, technically I bought 2 but one has to be assembled, and the other one just needs a box. They are both for Mom. I have come to the conclusion that I am ok as far as money goes, and was just freaking out. It's ok to charge stuff when I have a steady job and can pay it off. This is how people do it. It will not be the end of the world if I use my credit card, that is what it is for.

Dad said yet again this year that all he wants is socks for christmas! That man is imposssible sometimes. Like I'm just gonna buy him socks! At least tell me something else you would like so I can get you somethig you'd enjoy. I'm thinking I'll order some good mixed nuts or something. Hmmm...

John and I decided that we are getting a CHristmas tree and stockings for our apartment. We figure after 5 years together, we can start making our own Christmas here, especially since we never get to spend the actual Christmas day together. Our families really need to move closer to each other. You hear that Mom and Dad? Denise and I both live down here and our SO's families are down here too!

SO this Christmas I think I may drive myself home (eek!). John will be in MD with his family and Denise and Sarah are coming up to NJ but are leaving Christmas Day to go see Sarah's family. I took off the Friday before and teh Monday after Christmas, and I'm thinking about asking for the Tuesday off as well. Hmmm, I'll have to think about that.

I just stretched and I think I pinched something in my neck OWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Anyway, I'm super excited to be going home this week! Denise, when will you be swinging by to pick me up? And I guess I have to give you directions and stuff. You'll get to meet Tiki!

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