May. 10th, 2005

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today went better than yesterday. I'm getting my bearings. But i find when I try to the computer programs now I want to use all caps and F1 to go back...even though I am not using my work program. eh whatev.

i can't believe how tired I am. I actually let myself sleep in a little later today, but then I had to rush since we have a workgroup meeting. get to work, and the workgroup meeting is cancelled. My boss quit, did I tell you that? Well she has found another job and will be gone in 2 weeks. Probably why we didn't have a workgroup meeting today.

I started reading "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants". Yeah, it's a young adult book, but sometimes those are the very best kind (harry potter, anyone?). it's cute so far and in a way kind of reminds me of the baysitter's club. like each chapter is the story of a different friend.

yeah, it's almost 11 and I was hoping to be sleeping by now. But it's like i just can't bring myself to go to bed this early even though i need the sleep. i guess that's what 5 years of staying up late will do to you. i feel like i'm missing out. i'm having trouble using my free time in wise ways since i have never reallly had to manage it before. i always had so much of it that i could do what i want when i wanted to do it. for example, grocery shopping. used to be a whatever, whenever kind of thing. now i can't do that, and we basically have no groceries since we didn't plan that out. hopefully we'll work that out. i think i'm going to go tomorrow on my way home and pick up fixings for enchiladas so john has something nice to eat when he gets home from his exam.

think i'll go lay in bed and watch roseanne. cosby show better not be on.

i'm not even going to reread what i wrote. if it sucks, i'm sorry.

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