Apr. 11th, 2005

susan: (let go)
Been trying to udate every day, so here it is.

Not much going on here today. Job searches have not yilded much. Boo hoo.

After shopping around for some noise machines with John, I think we've nixed that birthday gift idea. The sounds are kinda sucky, you only get like 4 or six, and they are expensive for quality ones. I think we've decided it just makes more sense to but nature cd's and play them in John's alarm clock. I dug out my old nature cd, and have been listening to it while I falling asleep. So nice and relaxing.

Mrs G called me today and she has finally left alabama. yay! and she's bringing me fudge! and knowing her, probably something else too.

The yankees will be in town this weekend playing the o's. maybe we will go, but john seems to be kinda pissy about seeing the yanks and having all these people in camden yards cheering for the other team...but hey, what can I say? probably can't get tix anyway.

I'm making quesadillas tonight. Yum.

This weekend we barbequed, ate chinese food, and ate out at...umm, I can't remeber the name of the place. But they had crab dip and sweet potato fries! And you could color on the table!

And now, I go to do my rug and probably make some spinach artichoke dip.

Wow, a lot of this post was about food. Oh well, I guess that means I'm hungry.

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