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- The Phillies just won the World Series, hell yeah!

- Cherry juice and apple juice taste good mixed together.

- I am about 3 days behind at work.

- I think we are going to have homemade Chinese food soon and I am stoked! Yum, homemade egg rolls and pork or shrimp friend rice and stir fry and sweet and sour chicken! 

- I can't wait to get a haircut over Thanksgiving.

- I am on a John Grisham kick.  John keeps buying me them for $1 a piece at the sidewalk sale at the bookstore he walks by all the time.  I am running out of shelf space due to all these hardcovers.

- as I was getting ready for bed last night I was using Plaxx, and I got a tickle in my throat while i was swishing it around in my mouth. I coughed and spit it everywhere, it was a nightmare.

- last night I had a dream that John and I bought a house. All the main rooms (kitchen, living roon, bedroom, etc) were really, really small. And then the bathroom was huge and luxurious and had a big tub and awesome shower with multiple spray jets and there was a huge closet further in, and then it just expanded and opened up into this huge secret passageway. There were sofas and big overstuffed armchairs and console tables with big flower arangements (think hotel lobby). There was a 1-way window into the living room and if you kept following the corridor it ended at the front door. It was one of the most vivid dreams I have had in a while, and I can still see the details of the house in my mind. Maybe I need to stop watching HGTV before I go to bed.

- Obama's tv spot tonight was pretty cool. I can't wait for election day, this is going to be exciting! I want to run for some kind of office!
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