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- Have procured a Wii.
- Have been so burned out by work and have no desire to type at all when I come home.
- Still reading lj every day, much love all.
- Made an absolute killing at the outlets in Rehoboth last weekend. As in, I bought so much stuff, I think I need more hangers.
- I love Wheel of Fortune slot machines. They are rad.
- Reading American Psycho. It is freaky. Skipping past the really bad parts, and I like it ok.
- Need movie suggestions to add to my Netflix. Need to add some people on Netflix so I can get some recommendations.
- Am failing misrably at keeping Goodreads updated.
- Pissed at my computer for acting its age. Need to buy more memory but am at a total loss on anything technical.
- The fridge at the beach house does not smell anymore! Wondering what in the hell they did to get that smell out? I feel like I need to know, just in case I ever come across that situation again...
- I have been missing my grandparents. Thinking about them lately. Thinking of visting their resting places soon.
- My hair is ridiculously long! Past my bra. Heavy and annoying. Will be sad when I finally cut it.
- I am incredibly annoyed by my doctor and need a new one.
- Dutch lessons are creeping by. Have come to the relaization that it is not possible to learn a language with Rosetta Stone. But, am getting some kick ass vocab. Just not sure how much I need to know how to say "orange juice". Anyone else use it?
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